Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Manglawar or Manglor? A dilemma needs to resolve

Manglawar or Manglor; Really a dilemma? 

As Manglawar a non-English word. It is used in past when there was Buddhist people living here. Being brought to a prominent English word, some one uses it by copying from a local man. 

Now there is a dilemma, if the correct spelling is Manglor or Manglawar. Some people uses Manglawar while others Manglor.

Manglawar is a Proper Noun, proper noun are the one's which are not common and that they represent Only and Only one Thing/Place.Person. So it means replacing just only word in a name make it pointing to another name. 

Now question arise, which one is correct? 
Answer is: 
>> Some schools are using Manglor, they write it on their educational documents and boards

>> While Manglawar is used by Researchers, historians, National Bank of Pakistan, Civil Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital, NDRA, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, PTCL Bill, Developmental projects by Government etc.

By accent, Pashtuns of Manglawar utter Manglawar as: (Manglaaawaar). By this Manglor (Mangloooor) gets wrong as it does not represent the correct accent.

So. What is the correct spelling of Manglawar?
The people of Manglawar should decide in a meeting, make one press release and notify it to other organization that people of Manglawar ave decided to use "this" spelling of Manglawar and from now on only this spell must be used. It is necessary to keep people away from more confusion.

It is requested to all of you, that please struggle for this. What we use in future? Manglawar.or Manglor.


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