Monday, 24 February 2014

Manglor Public High School

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The first established private high school in 1994 in historical place town Manglor Swat. Registered in 1998 with education department.
The high school is situated on Banjot road in between Govt; Girls High school and Govt; Primary school Manglor Swat, outside the population to meet the need of having relaxed environment and to ensure the reach of students from all over the village easily by foot. The main objective of the school is to promote quality education in middle and poor class family students in area.
School have two campuses.
 >> Primary section is situated in the center of the Town Manglor. Mr.Taj Muhammad Khan M.A, Bed is the head master of the primary section, except TT and Administrator there are eight qualified Female staff having C.T and P.T.C with bachelor degree.

 >> High section is run through Mr. Musharraf Khan MSc, M.Ed. (Rtd) principal. This section have more than sixteen staff members having M.Phill and M.Sc. qualification. DPE is a retired Army GCO.
Whole of the project is directed by Mr. Qasim Khan Ex. Director National Education & Training commission Pakistan.
There are more than 500 hundred students in both sections. Monthly tuition fee is very affordable, however special discount up to 20% is offered to the kids whose parents belongs to Education department.
 50% discount in tuition fee for students having one of the deceased parent.
 50% discount for 3rd and full free education for fourth student from the same family.
Aim: Manglor Public high school administration have a strong regulance on multi-dimensional oriented preparation of the students for strong scientific socioeconomically Islamic society.

Regd No:      1863
Contact No: 0946 - 730 749