Budh Ghat

Budh Ghat (Budh statue in Jahan Abad Manglor Swat )

Manglor Pul

Manglor Pul

Beautiful View

Beautiful View somewhere in Manglor

Manglor Pul

Place, known to eveyone.

Khamboo Dand

Khamboo Dand Manglor Swat.

Friday 4 November 2016

Today’s Manglor

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Manglor (also spelled Manglawar) (Pashto: منګلور) is name of village in Union Council Manglor, in Tehsil Babuzai in District Swat, which is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, 
and is located at 34°48'30.7"N 72°25'50.0"E with an average altitude of 987 meters (3,238.19 feet).

As by Election Commission of Pakistan, Manglor mainly comprise of three regions:

  • Manglor East
  • Manglor West
  • Akamarof, Bame Kheil

^^==: Manglor East :==^^
Manglor East also known as Manglor (1). It is situated on East side of Manglor. Manglor East is inhabitants of Akamaroof Pashtuns which is a small tribes of Babuzai. Manglor East, Akamaroof consist of Haqdad Khel, Mazid KhelMalakanan, Miangan, Mulan and other peoples.
Manglor East comprise of small Mohallas (Mohallas; A bunch of Houses in one place):
1): Shengarai
2): Salanda
3): Said Abad
4): Murad Abad
5): Gul Mayera
6): Azgharai
7): Enzartangai
8): Dewangai
9): Batra
10): Shakhorai
11): Tekai
12): Kuz Mazid Kheil
13): Mazid Kheil Bala
14): Mohalla Bakht Mand Khan
15): Gudyan
16): Mohalla Madi Kheil
17): Mohalla Saidan

Manglor comes in Manglor Ward No.39 East-1. The Following are Details on Election point of view:
Amount of Register voters is 9175.
Of Which Male is 5055 & Female is 4125.
Charge No: 308
Circle No: 07
Block No: 01, 04, 05, 06 & 08
Block Code: 
The Amount of allotted seats for General Counsellor is: 9.

^^==: Manglor West :==^^
Manglor West also known as Manglor (2). It is situated on West side of Manglor.
Manglor West is inhabitants of Bami Khel Pashtuns which is a small tribes of Babuzai. Manglor West, Bami Khel consist of Musa Khel, Burhan Khel, Mir Khel, Usman Khel, Langar Khel, Bibal Khel, Fateh Khan Khel, Dawlat Khel, Esa Khel , Miangan, Mulan and other peoples.
Manglor West comprise of small Mohallas (Mohallas; A bunch of Houses in one place):
1): Bibal Kheil
2): Fateh Khan Kheil
3): Ali Khan Kheil
4): Rahat Abad
5): Kara 
6): Kalkata
7): Mohalla Zanagram
8): Miangan
9): Mohalla Esa Kheil
10): Garai Kalay
11): Manglor Pul
12): Malak Nagar
13): Dawlat Kheil
14): Tawheed Abad
15): Shaheed Abad
16): Gulshan Colony Maira
17): Cheel
18): Mohalla Bakht Pur Khan
19): Bhatai
20): Shakaro
21): Shaldara

Manglor comes in Manglor Ward No.40 West-2. The Following are Details on Election point of view:
Amount of Register voters is 16181.
Of Which Male is 9181 & Female is 7100.
Charge No: 00308
Circle No: 07
Block No: 02, 03, 07
Block Code: 

The Amount of allotted seats for General Counsellor is: 10

^^==: Aka Maroof, Bamikhel :==^^

Aka Maroof Bamikhel is actually Mazafaat(Places on sides of or on Mountains) of Manglor. It is mostly on South.

According to Election Commission of Pakistan. Details are as follows:
Ward: 15
Amount of Register voters is 11630.
Of Which Male is 6596 & Female is 5034.


Schools in Manglor:

• List of Public Schools in Manglor Swat:

  1. The Swat School of Excellence
  2. Manglor Public High School 
  3. Hira School Manglor
  4. Jamia Public High School 
  5. Superior Education Academy
  6. National School System
  7. Excelsior School and College
  8. AlHayat Public School
  9. EverGreen Public School
Also can be viewed HERE

• List of Govt Boys Schools in Manglor Swat:
There are total 47 schools listed HERE.

Sports in Manglor:

Resident of Manglor take keen interest in Sports. Manglor have his own ground on West side of Manglor. Where Youth of Manglor play in after dawn time. With Local games like 'Parpatonay', 'Ampra kakay', 'Tekaan(Belwori)', 'Gwatai', 'Shengrii(Qoramban)', 'Qat', 'Ludo', 'Ghal bacha', 'Peeto garam',  'Da simano wlay'Chendakh', 'Parai', 'Neenzaki', etc , they also play Football, Cricket and Bed-mention. 
Manglor currently have number of Football teams, which takes part in Village based and Inter District. They are:

  1. Manglor Eleven Football Club (Click Here)
  2. Prince Eleven Football Club (Click Here)
  3. Junior Manglor Eleven.

As noted Manglor were having very famous teams in past like: Tofan Eleven, Brazil Eleven etc
Manglor have some legends of Footballers named Rahim Ali etc

Cricket Teams are as Follows:
  1. Manglor Eleven Cricket Club
  2. Manglor Titans.
  3. Skylark Manglawar

Mountains in Manglor:

Manglor Swat have number of Mountains including "Dwa Saro"; the 2nd highest mountain in District Swat. Other mountains are: Darmala, Tekay, Rahat Abad, SarSardaray, etc

Waterfalls in Manglor:

Shengrai Waterfall (formally called as: Shengro Dand) situated in Shengrai is the most beautiful waterfall in District Swat. Manglor have many others waterfalls as well, but they are not as noted as Shengari Waterfall have. Shengrai waterfall is cable of producing electric power to whole Manglor, it has the potential to run turbine. Tourist from who Pakistan came and enjoy in Shengro Dand.
More details about Shingrai Waterfall HERE

Post Office:

Manglor has postal Code: 19201. Manglories suffering from bad system of Postal system. Manglor Swat has B.O(Branch Office), under GPO Saidu Sharif postal address of 19201. As Manglor has huge amount of population so it must have S.O(Sub Office).
We have discussed this topic  HERE in very details.

Notable Persons:

Manglor Swat have a list of personalities like:
  1. Muhammad Perwesh Shaheen (Historian, Writer)
  2. Roohul Amin Nayab (Writer, Columnist, Poet)
  3. Mufti M. Wahab Manglori (Writer, Religious Scholar)
  4. Dr. Jawad Iqbal (Writer, Columnist, Education Activist)
  5. Dr. Pardul Khan (Best Physician)
  6. Raza Khan (Intellectual, Book-keeper)
  7. Syed Munawar Shah (Founder of renowned Edu Inst SPS)
  8. Haji Muhammad Ali Khan (Social Worker, Founder of Khpal Kor Foundation)
  9. Muzaffar ul Mulk Kaki Khan (Ex-MNA)
  10. Late. Zia Ullah [Shaheed(First Opposed Martyred of Swat of war against terrorism)
  11. Late. Malak Bakht Mand Khan (Politician, Social Worker)
  12. Late. Abdul Matin Ustaz (Politician, Social Worker)
  13. Late. Zarin Khan (The best Pakhtoon ever)
  14. Late. Engr. Zahir Shah Khan (Ex-Principal Tech College, Best Organizer, Polite)
  15. Late, Dang Mula (Best Hakeem and Dewband Alim)
  16. Late. Shah Dawran Khan (Ex-Principal Jahanzeb College)
  17. Late. Farid Khan (SP, Brave and Honest Policeman)
  18. Late. Taj Muhammad Khan (SSP, Brave Policeman)
  19. Late. Aziz Talib (Poet)
  20. Late. Sultanat Khan (Lok Singer, Lok Actor)
  21. Late? Rashid Ahmad (Lok Singer | lok>folk)


Manglor Swat have couple of Poets.
  1. Muhammad Parvesh Shaheen
  2. Rohul Amin Nayab
  3. Faiz Ali Sadaf
  4. Fazal Wahid Manglori
  5. Farooq Swati
  6. Ilyas Banjot
  7. Aziz Talib Manglori         (Late)
  8. Rashid Ahmad Manglori  (Late)

Books Published From Manglor:

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Buddha Statues in Manglor:

Read Wikipedia article HERE:

Places to pay Visit (Must):

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Manglor got famous for:

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Manglor Ground:

Manglawar has its own ground on West side of Manglawar near Sangota and Excelsior College Swat, opposite to Pakistan State Oil Fuel Station, and beside Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Manglawar Swat. In playground youth of Manglawar plays in after dawn time. Approximate Length of Manglawar Playground is 195 meters and width is 70 meters (9 Kanal, 17 Marley). There is football posts and nets are placed. Facility of playing Cricket is also available.


Manglor Swat having one BHU (Basic Health Unit) and one Kidney Hospital.
  1. Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Manglor. (Click HERE)
  2. Civil Hospital Manglor.
  3. One Dispensary for Animals.

Crops and Fruits:

The village climate is favorable for many crops and fruits. The village not only fulfill their own need but also supply its product to other areas. Among these Apricots (Pashto: خوبانئ‎), Palms, & Peach, Maize, Wheat, Rice (Pashto: شولې‎), Vegetables are more common.

Fuel Pumps:

Manglor has two Fuel Stations, providing facility of Petrol and Diesel.

  1. CALTEX Pump, Near to Manglor Pul
  2. Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Opposite to Manglor Ground

Service Stations:

Manglor has round about Three Service Stations | Car Washing facilities.

  1. Near Govt High School
  2. Near Kaki Khan Home
  3. Near CALTEX Fuel Station

Local Bodies Election:

Local Bodies Election held on 29 May 2015. From the results we have now [Presently]:
District Councilor:     Sarwar Khan
Tehsil Councilor:       Buneray Khan
Nazim VC Manglor 1: Hanifa Gul
Nazim VC Manglor 2: Iftikhar Khan

Before that Nazim and Nayeb Nazim in late 2005 were (Late)Malak Bakhtmand Khan , and (Late) Haji Bakhtiar Khan.

Population of Manglor:

In 1998 population of Manglor was 17812*. 
As by now, Population of Manglor is: 45,000.
*(Source: Servey of Pakistan, 3rd Ed, Govt of Pakistan)

Babagan in Manglor:

Religious people buried in Manglawar. 
To read more about them, Please Read HERE


National Bank of Pakistan near Manglor Pul


e-Sahulat (Branch Code: 61317) is situated in a Mall which is situated near Manglawar Pul / Bridge.


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Manglawar has currently Five Mobile GSM working. And Manglawar has its signal towers in different places.
  1. Telenor
  2. Zong
  3. Warid
  4. Mobilink
  5. Ufone
Manglawar also has facility of PTCL Landline and has DSL BroadBand upto 2Mbps. 
Manglawar has VPTCL also working.

Car Bargaining Centers:

Manglawar has a good reputation when it comes to buying cars. There are at least Three Car Bargains where people use to deal and buy cars.  
All of them are near 'Manglawar Pul'

Destruction Dates of School:

** Govt; Girls Higher Secondary School:
   School Code: sw7128
   Date28 August, 2008
(This school is not rebuilt )

** Govt; Girls High School:
   School Code: --
   Date: 30 May, 2009
(This school is rebuilt, and is now functional)


Latitude: 34.8094914
Longitude: 72.4343773
See Level: 987 meters (3,238 ft) or 975.606 meters (3200.808 feet)
Coordinates: 34°48'30.7"N 72°25'50.0"E


Manglor Swat on Google Map:

Manglor Swat on Google Earth:

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