Budh Ghat

Budh Ghat (Budh statue in Jahan Abad Manglor Swat )

Manglor Pul

Manglor Pul

Beautiful View

Beautiful View somewhere in Manglor

Manglor Pul

Place, known to eveyone.

Khamboo Dand

Khamboo Dand Manglor Swat.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Jamia Public High School


Jamia Public High School is a wing of Jamia Darul Uloom Swat.
Jamia Public High School is a religious school registered under Wifaq-ul-Madaris Pakistan. It offers 4th grade (Darja Rabia) and having 12th classes of Hafiz Quran. Classes are limited to only 30 students.

Building consist of 36 rooms. And there are total of 52 teachers to teach 650 students.


Jamia Public High School is situated in Salanda Manglawar. Its building is situated near Madyan Road Salanda Manglawar Pul, Manglawar Swat, Khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

Contact Details:

Jamia Public High School can be reach at landline: 0946-725689

Urdu Translation:

 جامعہ پبلک ھایئ سکول و  جامعہ دارالعلوم سوات جسکی پُرفضا عمارت 36 کمروں پر مشتمل ہیں. جس میں انگلش میڈیم طرز پر میٹرک تک تعلیم دی جاتی ھے.. اور اس کے دوسرے حصے میں وفاق المدارس العربیہ کے تحت درس نظامی درجہ اعدادیہ سے درجہ رابعہ تک اور حفظ القران کے 12 جماعتیں ہیں. جس میں ہر جماعت 30 طلباء پر مشتمل ہیں اور 4 جماعتیں ناظرہ کی ہیں اور اسکے ساتھ ساتھ علم قراءت میں شعبہ تجوید بھی شامل ہے. اس دارہ میں رھایشی اور غیر رھایشی طلباء کی تعداد تقریباً650 ہیں. جس کی دینی اور عصری علوم اور صحیح اسلامی تربیت کیلئے 52 اساتذہ کرام اپنی خدمات سرانجام دے رھے ہیں.

Photo Gallery:

Main Gate of Jamia Public School
Internal View of Jamia Public School

(Note: Article is written by: Mr. Iftikhar Alam)

Religious People Buried in Manglawar

The following are religious people (islamic point of view) formally known as “Babagan” by local community. There are some loke stories attached to each of them.
  1. Baz Dada
  2. Mian Shah Rasool Baba
  3. Main Shekh Baba
  4. Mandao Baba
  5. Dewana Baba
  6. Shaheeda Abai
(Note: Information here are not confirm and authenticated, but intended to open a debate)

  • Baz Dada


Manglawar Bazar. A grave comes when turn to Manglawar East (1) on the way to Batra.

Loke Story:

Baz Dada a worrier of 1893 war in Nawkhar (Nowshehra), was martyred there when he was fighting with English-men. Latter on when he was going to buried in Nawkhar, the body refuses to be buried. So after that Mian Shah Rasool Baba advised them to prepare a grave for him and wait till Friday. So Chamyan (Muhallah wala) observe that he was himself buried in his grave on Friday night.

  • Mian Shah Rasool Baba

Main Shah Rasool Baba is uncle of Baz Dada. This baba was childless having no children at all.


Burred near Manglawar Ada. Oposite to Manglawar Janazgah (1) and beside to Govt Girls School.

Loke Story:

(Will be updated soon)

  • Main Shekh Baba

Main Shekh Baba lived in between 1942 or 1962.


Burried in Mian Shekh Baba, a place named after him. About 1 Km from Manglawar Pull on the way to Malamjabba.

Loke Story:

(Will be updated soon)

  • Mandao Baba


Buried in near Manglawar Ground, a grave which is near to Manglawar Civil Hospital.

Loke Story:

(Will be updated soon)

  • Dewana Baba


Manglawar East (1) comes in a way to Batra.

Loke Story:

(Will be updated soon)

  • Shaheeda Abai

She is a Female. She was a worrier, martyred in some unknown war.


Opposite to Govt Primary School Manglawar (2), and Manglor Public High School.

Loke Story:

(Will be updated soon)

Below is some reference from a book:

Manglawar or Manglor? A dilemma needs to resolve

Manglawar or Manglor; Really a dilemma? 

As Manglawar a non-English word. It is used in past when there was Buddhist people living here. Being brought to a prominent English word, some one uses it by copying from a local man. 

Now there is a dilemma, if the correct spelling is Manglor or Manglawar. Some people uses Manglawar while others Manglor.

Manglawar is a Proper Noun, proper noun are the one's which are not common and that they represent Only and Only one Thing/Place.Person. So it means replacing just only word in a name make it pointing to another name. 

Now question arise, which one is correct? 
Answer is: 
>> Some schools are using Manglor, they write it on their educational documents and boards

>> While Manglawar is used by Researchers, historians, National Bank of Pakistan, Civil Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital, NDRA, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, PTCL Bill, Developmental projects by Government etc.

By accent, Pashtuns of Manglawar utter Manglawar as: (Manglaaawaar). By this Manglor (Mangloooor) gets wrong as it does not represent the correct accent.

So. What is the correct spelling of Manglawar?
The people of Manglawar should decide in a meeting, make one press release and notify it to other organization that people of Manglawar ave decided to use "this" spelling of Manglawar and from now on only this spell must be used. It is necessary to keep people away from more confusion.

It is requested to all of you, that please struggle for this. What we use in future? Manglawar.or Manglor.

Friday 11 December 2015