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Manglor (also spelled Manglawar) (Pashto: منګلور‎) is name of village in Union Council Manglor, in District Swat, which is situated inKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, and is located at 34°48'30.7"N 72°25'50.0"E with an average altitude of 987 meters (3,238.19 feet).
Manglor mainly comprises of three regions:
  • Akamarof
  • Bame Kheil
  • Muzaafat (Places others than Akamarof & Bame kheil). Muzafaat comprised of:
    • Salanda
    • Serai
    • Murad Abad
    • Gul maira
    • Shakhorai
    • Budh Ghat
    • Jahan Abad
    • Cheel
    • Mayera
    • Shakaro
    • Shaldara
    • Kalkata
    • Sharna
    • Gida kot
    • Nandaro Sar
    • Zanagram
    • Batra
    • Azgharai
    • Totkai
    • Sangar
    • Shengarai
    • Kas
    • Zarai
    • Ghat
Latitude: 34.8094914
Longitude: 72.4343773
See Level: 987 meters (3,238 ft) or 975.606 meters (3200.808 feet)
Coordinates: 34°48'30.7"N 72°25'50.0"E


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