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Budh Ghat

Budh Ghat

Jahan Abad (Shakhorai)

The site is situated about five-km North East of Present Manglawar village on the left bank of Sair Khwar, while the old Shakhorai village (new Jahanabad) is on North-East of the site.


Measurements of the boulder: 1180 x 2300 cm
                                                     H. 700 x W. 500 x D. 11 cm
Material:                                     Reddish Sand Stone
Reference:                                   Published (See below note 1)
Orientation:                                Facing North West
Map ref. Topographic sheet. 43 B/5 (8947)

It was truly a holy place marked by a colossal rock image of Buddha, measuring 700 x 500 cm. While the asana is the Buddha is 120 x 390 cm. The rock reveals a colossal figure of dhayani Buddha in deep contemplation on a high asana. The Buddha is fully robed in drapery; the graceful clinging folds of which are visible on his seat. Both of his hands rest in his lap covered by the folds of the drapery. He wears snail shell curly hairs with protuberance Usnisa (Wisdom-bump). A prominent urna (beauty spot) and almond shape half-closed eyes. Apollo face with smiling continuance and long lobs of ears are clearly visible. It represents a most preserve piece of rock carving in the whole the Valley. In style and technique the relief carving may be compared to 7th - 8th century Tang sculpture in central Asia(See below note 2).

Orignal Reference of this post is: 
Sardar Badsha, Buddhist Rock Carving in the Swat Valley, 2005, p.108

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